Our Mission Angela’s Piazza is a welcoming, accepting place where  women come to learn to live safer, better lives free from  addictions and violence by discovering self-confidence,  courage and hope through domestic violence programs and  programs that encourage spiritual and emotional healing.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE EDUCATION Mondays 4-5pm     One time fee $25 Domestic Violence Education is an ongoing class. This class addresses the  issues of safety, types of abuse, self esteem, domestic violence red flags,  area resources, and how domestic violence affects children. All participants  are given a certificate of completion at the end of this 12 week course  provided no classes are missed. NURTURING PARENTING CLASSES Offered 3 times/year    Call to register   Fee $25.00   Nurturing Parenting is recognized by the Yellowstone County DPPHS and  court systems as a “Best Practice” program. This program embraces the  theory of “re-parenting,” teaching parents how to use new patterns of  behavior to replace old, destructive behaviors over time. The goal of this  program is to incorporate new knowledge, values and skills into the  participant’s daily life. Open to moms and dads, or mother and father  figures.  DAUGHTERS OF TRADITION Tuesdays 5-7pm during the school year   Begins with a family style dinner Daughters of Tradition is for girls ages 8-12 years old. This program uses  Native American values to promote drug and alcohol free lives. Girls are  guided toward learning their identity, which leads them toward healthy lives.   This group is a great opportunity for a young girl to identify her inner leader  and express that quality in a positive, beneficial way.  Every gathering  begins with a delicious, healthy meal served family style.  DAUGHTERS OF TRADITION II Call to register Daughters of Tradition II is for girls 13-18 years of age. This group dives into  a more in-depth exploration of a young woman’s sense of self. Daughters of  Tradition II follows the same structure and ideals as Daughters of Tradition  but is more advanced. Participants learn to accept and embrace the notion  that they are different and unique, yet interconnected with their peers. MOTHERS OF TRADITION Call to register Mothers of Tradition assists Native American Women in learning effective  parenting and nurturing skills. It also helps women to regain cultural  teachings, skills and values that help shape the Native American Woman.  Participants work together in talking circles, and develop life skills such as  decision making, self-talk and self-image. This is a 14 week course and  participants are given a certificate upon completion.