Our Mission Angela’s Piazza is a welcoming, accepting place where  women come to learn to live safer, better lives free from  addictions and violence by discovering self-confidence,  courage and hope through domestic violence programs and  programs that encourage spiritual and emotional healing.
Angela was a peaceful, non-violent leader in her time, a dreamer living in  an era where women had two choices: Marry, or enter a cloistered  convent. Angela was blessed with a vision at an early age, indicating to  her that her future mission would be to found a very new kind of  religious company for consecrated women, so she sought a third option:  She would devote her life to God and to service in God’s name, but live  her life in the world as a single laywoman who chose to work alongside  other similarly committed women. Her dreams led to extensive travels;  this broadened her view of the world such that she could see that a life-  long consecrated relationship with Christ ought to be lived out not in  convents or monasteries, but wherever one dwells. As Angela saw it, that was the need of the Renaissance era - finding a way of supporting those  who wished to live a life of complete dedication outside the traditional  structures. Throughout her travels, Angela attracted many people who came to visit  her for prayer, advice, counsel and comfort. At the same time, Angela  reached out to them in a mutual exchange of support, helping them to  help each other - the poor and the wealthy, the young and the old. She  recognized that they all were hungry for something more: For meaning  and truth, integrity and wholeness of life, for God. Her work enabled her  to break through prejudice and barriers and come into a harmony and  concord. She spoke boldly to her people in order to meet the issues of  injustices: human rights violations, poverty in the face of excessive  wealth, unjust distributions of earthly resources, disunity within the  church, and the deprivation of education - especially for women. Angela’s miraculous vision would bear fruit 40 years later, in the form of  her Company of St. Ursula, now known to many as the Ursuline Sisters.  Her spiritual and worldly journeys led her from vision to inspiration, idea,  and intuition, and moved into action in fulfillment of the dream. Angela  held in her heart the revelation of God in her vision, and moved steadily  and progressively over the years into ministry, responding actively to  each new call of grace along the way. Angela was a non-violent peaceful  woman in Gospel ministry effecting change in the hearts of others.  St. Angela’s teachings held that we should all make our hearts and  homes like a piazza. A piazza is a place to go to find rest, solace, a  friend. In Italy you can easily find a piazza where the streets from the  north, south, east and west meet at a central crossing place.  A place to gather where everyone is accepted and you can stay as long as you  need. It is here you can rest, listen or be listened to, you can serve or be served, you can seek peace and find harmony.
       Saint Angela Merici